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I just wanted to let you guys know how proud I am. Alaska has been trying out for this competition for so many years, and now she’s finally there she’s been proving to everyone how much she deserved that spot.

All you could hear and read about her in the beginning of this season was Sharon-related things. She was constantly being compared to Sharon, but people forgot she’s  been ready for this competition since the first season, and now everyone has seen how unique and talented Alaska is. She worked really hard to get that spot on the competition, and made into the top 3 without landing in the bottom two once, always doing well on the challenges and bringing something new to the runaway.

Wheter she wins the crown or not, people see her now for the amazing queen she is, not only ‘the previous winner’s boyfriend’, and that’s so important, not only to her, but to her fans. We wanted everyone to like Alaska for what she is, and I believe she made it possible by being this great on Drag Race.

She will win the crown, btw.

-Giovana (aymipapito)

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